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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Grow Baby Grow

Last week I had my "WTF" appointment with the fertility doctor. This is the appointment where you pull up a chair close to the desk, look your doctor right in the eye and ask what the f*ck happened and why am I not pregnant???
My doctor is as baffled as I am but after going over all of my test results we discovered something.... the lab didn't run the test for lupus which is something that my doctor highly suspects.
I immediately asked the lab what happened as I never would have moved forward with the cycle had I not thought that the test was negative.
Turns out that there was a fee for the test that the tech didn't tell me about so they simply didn't do it.
Nothing I can do about it at this point but I am getting the test done this week (along with some tests for proteins C and S).
We also have some additional health issues where Nick is concerned.
While checking the mail I got what I assumed was the dates for his next scans but it was actually a letter with an appointment date and time with an endocrinologist that oncology referred him to.
I connected with his nurse who was quite surprised that the doctor didn't talk to us during our last appointment as it was noted in his file to discuss this current problem. Over the last year it appears as though Nick has only grown 0.7cm which is not normal for a teenage boy. When plotted on the growth chart Nick sits in the 5% for weight and the 7% for height which is a bit concerning.
The likelihood is that there may be an endocrine growth disorder caused by the chemo and radiation , unfortunately this is another long term effect of cancer and its treatments. The treatment for this growth disorder is frequent injections of a human growth hormone. These treatments may allow him to be a more average height but it also comes with increased risk of developing cancers.
Are those few inches worth the risks and the pain of the injections... only Nick can decide that. We will be meeting with the Endocrinologist in September and will know more at that point.
Until then we will be measuring not only weight but height - repeat after me