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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Somebody Is Sixteen!

Yesterday was Nick's sixteenth birthday!
I can hardly believe that I am now the mother of a son who is old enough to drive, work and have consensual sex *my head is spinning*
Nick is a really low key kinda guy, he isnt one for elaborate parties or celebrations where all eyes are on him, even as a toddler birthday parties were never his thing.
We celebrated the way that Nick enjoys - with food!
Our dinner menu consisted of BBQ Steak, Grilled Herb Shrimp, Zesty Cheese Tortellini Salad, Corn on the cob and for dessert some Deep Fried Cheesecake with Vanilla Strawberry Sauce (holy cow was it good!).
Dinner was incredibly delicious and we were all very full.
Aside from our closest family (with the exception of Aunt Bonnie who couldnt join us) Nick invited his best friend.
Last year for his birthday he had planned to get some new shoes but after his diagnosis decided that the gift would be impractical since he would have "no where to wear them" but this year he's all about the "Jordans" and so we will soon be headed to the Nike Outlet so he can pick out some new kicks.
For some reason yesterday I was in a bit of a funk, my children's birthdays generally do that to me but yesterday Nick's did especially.
I found myself reverting back to the sadness of last year and the worry that I felt over the notion that he may not have another birthday - Thank the Lord he has!
Last year was also the last meal that we all had as family unit that included Grandpa and so recalling that dinner out was bitter sweet.
Today brings some renewed hope and happiness.
Unlike most holidays the date that we celebrate Easter changes with each year, Nick was born on April 7th which happened that year to be Easter Sunday - he was also the only boy born in that hospital on that day.
Today my Grandpa celebrates his birthday in Heaven, his death was fast and tragic and left more questions than answers. He didnt seem to cope with Nicks diagnosis very well and I have often wondered over the last year if he was sending Nick some of his stubborn pigheaded fighting spirit since he no longer needs it.
Despite Nick being born on the 7th I always associate his birth with Easter Sunday and so this morning as my thoughts drifted between that rainy day 16 years ago and my Grandfathers birthday I was greeted with a gift.... two tiny pink lines.
The fact that the test showed (very faintly) positive today seemed a bit serendipitous to me and I thought that perhaps my heart was telling my mind and eyes to see something invisible so I called Dom to verify, the lines indeed exist and my heart swells. 
Jesus has risen, Nick remains cancer free, after years apart Grandpa celebrates his birthday with Grandma and it appears that for the moment a miracle grows. 

Its still VERY early and anything can happen, there is a term that is used in the infertility community when one gets a positive test - cautiously optimistic.... that is what I am, with a hint of some heavenly hugs.

Mini Cheesecake recipe:

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  1. I just got goose bumps!!!!!!!!!!!

    Soo happy for you. Here's hoping those little lines stay nice and strong and the numbers keep on growing as do your babies or baby... Man, I dunno, my hunch says two. I haven't been wrong yet, beware :)