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Sunday, 1 April 2012

And Now We Wait...

The last couple of weeks have flown by and I just realised that I hadn't blogged in a bit.
Nick is doing well but had a fainting spell last week and hit his head on the door frame, the nurse suspects that his blood pressure took a bit of a dip and so she would like to continue coming for her bi weekly visits a little while longer.
Kurt and Maxwell are coasting along nicely and I finally got the IPRC date for Riddick. We are all in agreement that a special classroom would be best for him so now all we need to do is convince the powers that be.
I also started our IVF cycle and many needles later transferred two embryos and froze nine. Now is when the time will drag, this period is what is known as the dreaded 2WW (two week wait), its the time until we find out if the cycle was successful. I lack patience so I test at home before my date for blood work, its also a better way for me to cope with the outcome because I pretty much know the answer before needing to be told.
Most home pregnancy tests will show + once the hcg level is above 50 but I bought ultra sensitive ones which supposedly will detect above 10 hcg (but the ratings are inconclusive about whether its as sensitive as it claims).
I will likely begin testing on Wednesday or Thursday but if it detects a pregnancy before next Tuesday I will be surprised. With Maxwell I tested nine days after the transfer and it was negative, it was only faintly positive on day 10.
I'm a glutton for punishment so I know that I am setting myself up to see negatives by testing so early but I cant help myself.
My legs are already getting sore from the nightly progesterone shots that I must take but that progesterone is what nourishes a pregnancy and I will continue to take it until the 13th week. Because I also must take heparin, after a short while I will end up the color of a smurf from all the bruising.
I'm hopeful and I feel a certain sense of ease, We have a plan and are working towards it. I'm an old hat at this IVF game and I know that sometimes things seem perfect and yet they just don't work out or that things seem disastrous and yet it all works out in the end.
Its not a game of skill or master, it really is a numbers game combined with a little bit of luck - there is no rhyme or reason to the outcome, it simply is what it is..... which is why I am thankful that I still have five more attempts cyrogenically nestled in the lab - but hopefully I wont need to use them.

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  1. Sending you lots of sticking vibes Cass....