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Monday, 25 February 2013

I'm Itchy

I've got the itch... the itch to do something.... anything.... the winter blah's are finally getting to me and I am starting to feel myself cracking.
This is normally around the time when I feel the need to do something different.... tattoo's, new furniture, new vehicle, another round of IVF - BAH just ANYTHING.
I am hoping that our renovations will help ease the boredom because if I am being totally honest its gotten to the point where I found myself considering a consult with the dentist about some veneers to create a perfectly straight set of pearly whites when I smile (since I refuse to be 31 with braces).
Life for our family right now is wonderful. Maxwell's biopsy results showed that in addition to his primary lactase deficiency he has non-specific colitis and elevated eosinophils which basically means that they are pretty sure that he has an allergy to something that is a main staple of his diet. We are returning to Dr O who is the allergist that discovered his heart problem for some testing to find the source. I know that he is in good hands.
Max has also been registered to start kindergarten in September - where has the time gone?!?!
Nicks CT scan is in a couple weeks but he's been feeling good and doing well so I am confident that things will be a-ok with him. He seems to be more dedicated to school and has a better over all attitude and he seems to no longer be living life like the cancer is coming back tomorrow.
Kurt and Riddick are still doing really well in school and Riddick can now read!
He is not overly confident in his new found skill but its there and its only a matter of time before he will be eager to show off his ability to anyone who will listen.
So you see life is good and while its still busy its not chaotic, there is time to be social and have friendships, for Dom and I to have some romance and make our marriage a priority.
And maybe just maybe allow me to blog about things that aren't kid and medical related -GASP could you imagine???
Stay tuned..... who knows whats next!