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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

What Would You Say To Cancer?

In just a few short weeks for the second time I will be lacing up with my wonderful Wondermoms and we will be participating in the Canadian Cancer Societies Relay For Life.
Last year was difficult, I was completely engulfed in Nick's treatments and while hearing so many success stories and seeing the sea of yellow survivor shirts was encouraging hearing about all of the pain, loss, relapses and deaths was heartbreaking.
The luminaries were beautiful but it certainly drove home how many people are effected by cancer.
I was so glad to be surrounded by my friends but I fought desperately to keep it together partly because I didn't want to embarrass myself but mostly because I was terrified that if I lost it emotionally then I would let myself venture to places in my mind that at that point I hadn't yet visited.
Cancer is a word that everyone knows but its also something that unless you've encountered it personally you don't know everything that goes along with it, in addition to worries about living or dying there are also concerns about the pain, the struggle of the finances, the emotional stability of the friends and family and much much more. Remission also doesn't bring an end to the cancer battle despite what many people think. "Late Term Effects" are lasting, bothersome and often painful and problematic aspects of the treatment.
For Nick these effects are severe acid reflux (which often causes nausea & vomiting), enlarged internal organs, endocrine issues and a failure to grow.
So you see..... the word "Remission" doesn't mean that everything is great, its certainly a wonderful word but its not a secret password that makes life a fairytale.
All of these reasons are why I relay and I sure could use your help.
If you are able to donate any monetary amount I would be incredibly appreciative and who knows.... maybe with your donation there will be enough money raised to find a breakthrough and end this horrible disease and the need for its equally horrible treatment.

So what would you say to cancer, here's what I'd say..... 

Link to donate to my Relay For Life

If you do your banking online you can also chose to donate by using Interac e-payment from your bank account, the email account to send the payment to is

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