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Monday, 26 March 2012

Bye Bye Pizza Pizza

Today was the day, the day that we would get the results of Nick's first off treatment scans.
He hasn't been feeling well over the last few weeks and despite being hopeful I strongly suspected that today would not bring good news.
We got into clinic and the nurse asked if Nick had finger poke done, she then said that she would be getting a room ready. Nick questioned why they couldn't just say that things were fine where we were and I could see that he looked a bit on edge.
Once in the private room we waited for the doctor to come in with the paperwork from the CT scan but oddly she came in empty handed.
I could feel my heart beat increase as she slid her chair up close to us instead of the usual relaxed stance that she normally has.
She folded her hands in her lap and asked Nick how he was feeling and if he knew why he was here.
He answered simply that it was because he was sick. She then proceeded to explain that fast growing cancers tend to reappear fast too and that the medications that he took during chemo can cause heart problems and breathing problems.
She asked Nick if he'd made any plans for the future and how his grades were, I shifted in my seat and braced for the news that I was sure was coming. I was quite surprised to hear Your scans all look good so we're suspecting that your diet is having a negative effect given the damage to your stomach and bowels from the radiation. 
The blood returned to my face with such force that I felt the momentary heat.
Chemo and radiation can cause lifelong problems and apparently Nick's digestion is going to be one of them. A diet of bland food would be better but that certainly wont put any weight on him. Its apparently a catch 22,
we're going to have to find a happy medium between healthy food that settles easily and the foods that make up the biggest part of a teenagers diet.  His diet of beef jerky, pizza, timbits and cappuccino will have to be supplemented with some food items that come from nature.
I'll take that over a relapse any day!


  1. My heart is still in my throat.

    So glad to hear all went well. Sorry to hear the pizza will have to be sacrificed.

  2. Well, at least his and Max's diets will be similar! So happy to hear that it wasn't a relapse =)

  3. Very glad it's not a relapse! Scary (((hugs)))