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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Scarless Ivory Skin

Pictures can be powerful things, they can evoke multiple emotions and perhaps that's why people love them so much, I am frequently moved by images that I see and I think that is why I decided to become a photographer but the other day a picture stopped me in my tracks. It was one of those annoying lets see if this picture can get 1000 likes on Facebook. The picture was of a little baby fresh out of heart surgery with the staples still holding him together. I seriously caught my breath, I had the sudden realization that my child would soon look like that. His ivory soft skin would have cold metal staples embedded in them and the thought made me sad. My goal for years has been to get Maxwell stable enough for surgery and its finally happened but I had never thought about the actual surgery or what would follow after.
I tried to put the thought of my little boy with a giant scar to the back of my mind. On Saturday I had my annual reading with L and while there is still a certain level of healthy skepticism there is also a sense of awareness based on the fact that she has been accurate about many major things over the years. During my reading she said that she didn't see any major surgery, illness or injury, I thought she was off her game because I knew that we were waiting for the phone call about Max's upcoming open heart surgery. Then less then 48 hours later I get the long awaited phone call from cardiology, there is a surgeon at Sick Kids Hospital that is fairly confident that he can repair Maxwell's atrial septal defect via catheter instead of having to open his chest! Holy Cow, a day procedure instead of a week long hospital stay, a small scar in his groin vs a giant scar running down his chest, a band aid instead of staples... this is incredible news.
So now we wait again, the coordinator is going to call with the dates and times for his pre-op tests and then we cross our fingers and hope that the surgeon's confidence proves accurate. 
I guess "L" was right again.

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