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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Buckle Up

Today was a big day for my biggest boy, he got his G1 learners permit and can now drive. He has been asking to go write the test for months and I have kept stalling.  The truth is that having him behind the wheel of a car terrifies me. That's a lot of responsibility for someone who only recently learned to do his own laundry and work the Tassimo machine.  I worry about whether I have taught him well enough to make the choices that will not only keep him safe but others as well. Will he wear his seat belt, will he drink and then think he can drive home, will he be distracted and careless or give into the rage that can sometimes occur. These thoughts scare me to death but there is nothing I can do except let him spread his wings and fly a little. He is signed up for a drivers ed class in the spring which will give him 25 hours of in class instruction and 10 hours behind the wheel. As much as this preparation is for him it is also for me to. This is another step on the road to adulthood that I am not fond of my kids traveling down.  I know.... I know.... I have mothering issues.... I'm aware and working on them LOL.

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