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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Fifty Eight Days

We got a date!
Maxwell will be having his heart procedure in 58 short days!!!
Imagine me running on the treadmill at the gym while talking to the hospital coordinator on my cell and taking notes on my ipad. I'm sure that I looked like a self involved snob but some days that's just the way its got to be.
I am both nervous and excited to have it happen. Now our goal will be to keep the germs at bay so that he doesn't end up sick, hard to do in a class of 30 kindergarteners but we will try.
We told Max that we will get him some new pj's, a pair of slippers and a new stuffed friend to snuggle when he's not feeling so good.
While the actual procedure is considered a day surgery Max typically ends up having to stay over night for one reason or another. Considering that he will have an ECHO, ECG and X-ray done the previous day and the day after surgery it just makes sense to stay in a hotel close to the hospital; until I saw the hotel prices, I mean really if I'm paying almost $300 a night do they really need to charge $30 a day for parking too??? 
At the moment I am just making a game plan for babysitters, school and all the other factors that need to be considered when having a big and unique family but I'm celebrating that Maxwell is on the way to a healthier childhood. 

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