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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Its Been Months!!!

Hi everyone! Its been brought to my attention that I havent blogged in months so I figured I should make more of an effort since clearly people wonder about us.
Over the last few months life has been busy, our renovations have been completed and I love the end result, now is the fun stuff, the customizing and creating the feel that I want our home to have. Dom returned to work after a four month hiatus to manage his newly discovered diabetes and anxiety disorder and the kids all returned to school... ALL of them. I am now the parent of school age children!
I debated about what to do with myself as this is new territory for me, I even handed out some resumes and toyed with the notion of going back to work but given the amount of appointments and days where Max feels under the weather I would be away from my job more then I was there. Clearly its just not the time to return to the working world yet. Instead I spend my days being a domestic goddess (*giggle*) and focusing on my health. I have lost a bit of weight and improving my health is a focus so that Dom and I can move forward with using those seven little ice baby's that we have stored safely at the lab. Last month I participated in a Color Me Rad run and while I don't feel the need to do it again it was a fun life experience and something that I wanted to cross off my bucket list.
We recently had an appointment with cardiology and Maxwell now is considered medically stable enough to have his open heart surgery. We are currently waiting to hear from the hospital regarding the next steps but from what we were told it will likely be in the early months of 2014.
Stay tuned for more blog updates from this newly appointed Domestic Goddess... 

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