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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Maxwell Sees The Cardiologist

Today Maxwell had his appointment with the cardiologist, Dom took the day off to come with us which was a nice treat as that never happens.
Upon registering we were given the paperwork and told to head upstairs for a repeat ECG, my husband being a newbie to the medical appointments didn't realize that they are done on a first come first serve basis and after overhearing another family being given the same instructions I scooped up Max and made a b-line for the elevators.... I think that I impressed Dom with my "competitive" streak (as he called it).
The ECG went as I expected with Maxwell screaming so loudly that Dom claims people in the waiting room were wondering what was being done to the child. He screamed at the tech "don't touch my body" and wailed to be "left alone". Maxwell only calmed down when I told a random tale about the "Adventures Of Julius Cat" (my creativity dazzled the techs LOL)
We then returned to the cardiology department and met with the nurse, she asked questions about family history of Muscular Dystrophy or MS and then was impressed with my pre-printed family history of heart issues.
Since McMaster is a teaching hospital we met with a resident who took a listen to Maxwell and then they all went to meet with the doctor and go over all the information.
I was a little nervous because I had researched the doctor that we were seeing and was impressed with his rating and his patient reviews, our allergist/pediatrician knows him personally and spoke highly of him but I found out that Dr M was NOT who we were going to be seeing, that they booked Max in for the first available appointment and it didn't happen to fall within Dr M's schedule.
When the doctor came in she was very pleasant, took the time to chat with Max about the animals on the wall and let him warm up to her before she made the move to check him out physically... well played Dr... Well Played.
She said that Maxwell's heart indeed appears abnormal and he will require an echo which they are hoping to get done this week.
She said that she is expecting to find something on the echo but she isn't sure what that will be. She did talk about Mitral Stenosis (heart valves being too tight) as being a possibility, if that's what it turns out to be the treatment can range from watch and see to surgery depending on the severity. She also agrees that Max needs to see Genetics for a workup as a "syndrome" is still a possibility.
Given that a quick ECG was difficult and very scary for Max an hour long echo is going to be pure hell.
I have been given the ok to give him some gravol to make him a little sleepy and we will be bringing a movie and some suckers and hopefully we will get some good images otherwise we need to rebook for a sedation slot which means an anesthesia consult first which will slow the whole process down.
He's too young to understand whats going on but he's old enough to know that he doesn't like it. We don't even get parked before he is proclaiming his reluctance to go and his dislike for the hospital loud and clear.
So far each department has had stickers, candies and a basic knowledge of Spiderman.... Thankfully Max is easy to impress :)

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