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Thursday, 12 May 2011

Taking A Moment To Smile

Life hasnt been easy over the last six weeks and I guess the saying is true that when it rains it pours.
We all have been doing our best to get through each crisis as it comes but I will admit that things seem almost robotic for me. My days blur into each other and if I didnt frequently look at the calander I wouldnt even know what day it was. My life is changing and I don't know how I feel about it but that is for a future blog entry.
My Aunt Bonnie has completed the three surgeries that she required to fix the injuries that she got in the accident and while she still has a very long and painful road ahead of her at least the healing can now begin.
Today I also got some good news about Nick. His scan results have come back and he is being classed as a "rapid responder".
The tests show that there are no new cancer cells present and his tumors have shrunk by 60%!
This is still only the beginning stages of treatment, he still has the second half of chemo to complete, possibly radiation and then very frequent follow up with oncology to watch for recurrence but for the moment he is kicking cancers butt just as I knew he would and for that reason alone, today I am going to smile!

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  1. I am jumping up and down as I am thrilled to hear Nick is kicking cancer's butt.

    Put one foot in front of the other is all you can do.