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Monday, 25 April 2011

A Conservative and Traditional Mom's Secret


By all outward appearances from what I have been told I come across as conservative with my style.
I am an avid lover of button up sweaters, potted hydrangeas, aprons in the kitchen and the June Cleaver type homemaker. When my hair is long enough I generally wear it in a bun or pulled away from my face with a head band. My nails when done are fashioned in a french manicure and my jewelry while large is simple. My lips are rosy from cherry chap stick and my perfume is understated and called lovely.
My husband makes fun of me for saying things like "Oh My" and "Good Lord" and the general style of my home is family friendly and traditional.
There is a part of me though that is not conservitive and traditional - I love tattoo's.
Over the years they have helped me cope with some of the challanges that I have faced. Perhaps they give me a sense of control, or a visual reminder of what has made me the woman that I am.
All of them tell a story and all of them are about my kids.
Yesterday I got my fourth tattoo completed and it seemed to be done on a fitting date, Nick was born on Easter Sunday and I got the tattoo in support of him on Easter Sunday.
I also went against my "rules" and got it on a place that is not always covered ... on the side of my leg above my ankle.

While getting it done, the artist asked about Nick's cancer, treatment and outlook and expressed his sadness about how unfair life can be but also said how fun it was to do something that was so symbolic and full of color.
My friend Heather created the design, she listened to what I wanted and made something beautiful, The "N" is Nick's initial, the lavender ribbon is for Hodgkins lymphoma and the color and whirling & twirling vine style is to symbolize life and continuing to grow.
I am pleased with it and despite Nick jokingly threatening to "kick me in the tattoo" I know that he is pleased too.


  1. I have never had a tattoo done but what a great thing you are doing for your son. I love why you love tatoos too.

    I keep following...


  2. It's such an awesome design. I love it.

  3. I was looking for a tattoo to honor my son Nick who has Hodgkin's stage 3b. I adore yours! I hope your Nick is doing well. If you ever want to chat, here is my email