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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

CANCER according to a little brother with autism

As told by Kurt who is seven years old.

My brother Nick has a sick called enemy cancer, that means that his bad enemy cells are going crazy and they are fighting his good power cells. Fighting isnt nice and I think I could fight back for my brother cause I have lots of power cells.
Nick has to go to the hospital and have lots of needles and pills and when he comes home he pukes all the time in his puke bucket.
I saw on TV that some people go to heaven when they have enemy cancer but my mom said the doctors are helping Nick so he doesnt have to go there, he wont like it there, I need him to stay here with me.
Our house is destroyed and I want it back to normal cause I don't like Maxwell's dresser and diapers in mine and Riddick's room.
Sometimes my mom has to sleep at the hospital with Nick so that he isn't scared and so strangers don't steal him or take his hat. I miss my mom when she's not home and I want her to only be gone for one sleep not lots of sleeps.
When my mom's gone my Dad plays playstation with me but I want him to go back to the store and get the Spiderman game, I get mad at my mom and dad when they make me turn the volume down so I dont hear the cuss words, I wont say them I promise.
My dad is sometimes a good cook and can make eggs and Bonnie and Miranda come to our house so Maxwell isn't by himself cause knives are sharp and he could hurt himself.
Nick had hair before but Dad put it in the sink and now Nick has no hair, I want Nick to get a heart tattoo on his head like an airbender cause then it will make his enemy cancer go away and his sick go away too.
I don't like enemy cancer and I don't want to talk about it anymore.


  1. Wow. Touching, heart wrenching and even a little funny. What a perspective. I like that Dad is only a good cook sometimes and that he promises not to say the cuss words :)

  2. What an amazing boy! He loves is brother very much.

    I started crying at "Fighting isnt nice and I think I could fight back for my brother cause I have lots of power cells."