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Saturday, 17 November 2012

I'm Coo Coo For CoCo Puffs

**This happens whether I am stopped, driving or even just have my battery on without the car actually turned on**

As many of my real life friends and family know a couple years ago I met a wonderful woman who happens to be a psychic. We had a reading party for some fun but little did I know how accurate "L" would be. During the reading my Aunt was told that Nick would "have a rough time" and that it would be a rough year but he would be ok, little did we know that less than 3 weeks later Nick would get his Cancer diagnosis. She also said that my aunt would have surgery on both her arms, this seemed strange as she WAS planning a surgery but it wasn't on her arms... again "L" was right and during the car accident that killed my grandfather Aunt B broke both her wrists requiring surgery to repair them. "L" also said that there would be a male with a heart scare and wouldn't you know a year later Maxwell gets the diagnosis about his heart condition. I know that some of you are skeptical and that's ok, I'm not always sure about my own beliefs but I know that despite my initial just for fun approach with "L" the accuracy of her claims over time have made me more of a believer in her gifts.
I know that I am going to sound a little off my rocker but all of my life "things" have happened around me.... dreams of family who have passed away, sounds & smells and other mysterious things that many describe as "signs". I certainly don't claim to be intuitive or have any special gifts but all I know is that these random things that happen tend to freak out those around me and Dom often jokes that I need to "tell my friends to leave" when things happen around the house.
Over the last few weeks I have felt a sense of calm that I haven't felt in a long time, I simply feel at peace and happy but now suddenly these "things" have picked up and now Max seems to be involved.
While watching Treehouse the other day the toy room TV suddenly went black with the exception of a bright line, a calm female voice spoke of heavenly angels and about how God creates us in his perfect form. Maxwell was entranced in the TV, barely blinking just sitting there eyes like saucers on the TV. I quickly turned the TV off but not before snapping a picture. A moment later I turned it back on and there was Bob The Builder fixing the fire hall just as he had been only moments before.
Maxwell then began waking during the night around 4:22am and speaking about the "ghostie boy".... right now he is prime imaginary friends age so I dismissed his chatter with his new friend.
Now here is the part where I am now questioning my own sanity. I began to notice that when it was only Max and I in the car my airbag warning light would come on. After a couple days of this happening I exasperatedly said "if someone is in this car with me turn that light off right now!" and within seconds the light went off - I almost vomited right then and there!
I have asked my husband to take the car to the dealership to see if there is an electrical problem because I am starting to maybe question my own sanity especially because this only happens when I am alone in the car, it never happens with Dom has the car. Although I felt foolish I "talked to the light" again this time recording it.
I have also booked a session with "L" - I just need to put my mind at ease so that I can stop thinking that maybe I am losing my marbles. 

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  1. Creepy and neat and scary all at once. All sounds very real to me. The TV thing though, combined with a voice. Now that gives me the heebeejeebees. I am very curious what "L" will have to report.