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Monday, 26 November 2012

A Possible Future

Since my last post I have had my meeting with "L" and like before she was able to touch on things that were very accurate. She knew that I have been debating for a few months about exploring an alternative therapy but was hesitant because I was concerned about what others would think of me. The truth is that I have been thinking about Reiki for a long time and have considered getting my certification but that is something that many might consider strange given my logical and rational personality.
She said that we would be getting a sizable cheque from the government in the next few months and that we should have a nice dinner but then should set the rest aside and not spend it as we will need the money - I can only assume this is income tax in March, we do generally get a significant refund but normally use it for medical expenses, towards a new vehicle or our plan this year was to put it towards home renovations. 
She said that some find my positive "light" attitude annoying and I may notice that people are keeping their distance from me.... I am not to chase them, I am to let them go.
While here Nick came out of his room and she said "thats the boy with cancer"
(she has never met Nick) - I said yes but he is in remission now. She then asked me when his last scans were because she feels like he is still fighting.
I told her that its been almost 6 months. She told me to be prepared for the results and the fact that he is  going to refuse western medicine but will be open to a more holistic approach. She told me that this will piss off the doctors and I need to be confident enough to advocate for HIS wishes.
I never did tell her that Nick refused the last scans and didnt follow up with the bloodwork that endo requested because he wont take the medication even if something showed up or the fact that he has been very clear that if the cancer comes back he wont do treatment again.
She also said that a male over 30 will have a heart attack, it wont be severe but it will act like a wake up call and he will stop being so negative and cranky and will find a new appreciation for things.
She also said that I am opening and evolving and I've always has a special gift but I have blocked it by being rational, logical and dismissive.... these "things" are happening so that I will become accepting and stop resisting. She told me that things are still going to happen but that I am able to be in control and that once that happens things will feel normal. She said that the spirit that she feels most predominately here is a little boy (as Max has said... his "ghosty boy") and she said she feels like its our boy that hasnt been born yet. She told me to ask Max if the boy is named Marcus. After Max woke from his nap I said "is your ghosty boy named Marcus and he nodded yes, I said does he look like you and he responded nope, him look like Daddy.
I asked her when this boy would come and she said not for a while as I need to manage the upcoming issues.
All in all it was a good session and I feel like "L" is going to be a great help to me. I am trying to be not so logical and more open to possibilities and will see if anything she said proves to be accurate. If nothing else I felt much better after our session, I felt less crazy and more calm and less influenced by the possible opinions of others. Who cares what people think..... right?

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