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Thursday, 8 March 2012

A Cookie & A Cancer Scare

It all started with a pack of mini bear claws and a beautiful crazy haired little girl who was kind enough to share some smuggled cookies with Maxwell while on our play date.
Maxwell sure did enjoy the cookie but by bedtime he was as stinky as a warthog. The night was long and familiar with his crying in his sleep and his tossing and turning, at one point I even had to pick him up off the floor and put him back in his bed.
Morning was tear filled and by 8am the fever hit, the stomach pains continued and by lunch his ears were causing him trouble too.
I called the doctor thinking that perhaps it was an ear infection and I was actually surprised to learn that consuming dairy when deficient can cause swelling of the eustachian tubes resulting in a fluid buildup. Once the lactose was out of his system then his ears would be fine.
Sure enough by the following morning Max was back to his regular self. This little girls mom was ready to clobber her and told me that at our next play date I had permission to "pat her down for contraband" but in reality little wee Miss did me a favor. By exposing Max to a minimal amount of powdered forms of dairy I was able to see what his reaction would be after being totally dairy free for quite a while, clearly there is no amount too small to cause a reaction.
In other news tomorrow Nick and I are heading back to Oncology, the last few weeks I have noticed some old symptoms resurfacing that make me nervous.
Stomach and back aches have returned, nausea and vomiting have started again, he is bruising easily and no matter the amount of food that he consumes the weight just isnt staying on.
I emailed his clinic nurse and within five minutes got a response that just said "we need to see him asap"
I am thinking positively and am confident that the symptoms are late term effects of the chemo and radiation but the first year is when its most likely to have a relapse so we need to get him checked out.
March 15th will be one year to the day of his initial diagnosis so the timing is certainly crappy (as if there is ever a good time to learn about cancer).
This year was supposed to be a year full of nothing but good news and I am hopeful that it will continue to be that.
I am bracing for tomorrow and keeping my fingers crossed that its nothing more then a mom and oncology nurse being paranoid.   
To be continued......

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  1. Wow!

    Amazing what a little dairy did. A kind reminder for why to keep on track.

    As for the cancer scare... I've got everything crossed for you. Hopefully it's nothing they can't fix easily and he remains cancer free.