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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Our Visit With Dr Seuss

Since Maxwell's hospital stay we have made some changes to the way that he eats and have put him on what the doctor calls a pancreas friendly diet.
We have seen some improvement but it certently hasnt fixed the GI problems.
The explosiveness seems to be under control but as of yet he still has constant diarrhea and despite one day of excessive vomiting for the most part its been downgraded to daily bouts of gagging.
Yesterday was our follow up with the pediatrician, I knew that if the results of Max's MRI, stool catches and biopsies were in he wouldnt make me wait until we see the specialist to know the answers.
To both our surprise everything came back normal!!!
I was frustrated and said great now we are back at square one but doing his best Dr Seuss impression replied we're further ahead then we were because now we know what its not. 
He was calling the specialist as I left to devise a plan but for the moment he wants Max to stay on the low fat diet, have monthly appointments to monitor growth and if a GI flare up lasts more then 24 hours Max will be admitted to the hospital.
I'm relieved that its not something serious or genetic but I'm frustrated that we dont have an answer yet.
We see the GI Specialist next week so maybe he will have a better game plan for the next steps....

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