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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

My Thoughts About Bald Barbie

Recently all social networks have been a buzz with about a group that wants Mattel to create a Bald Barbie for girls who are have lost their hair due to cancer treatments or other diseases/disorders that cause hair loss.
While I think that the sentiment is wonderful in all reality I don't think that Mattel needs to brand a Barbie specifically for this. Any girl can tell you that deep in the bottom of the toy box there is already a bald Barbie from a game of hair dresser gone wrong. Creating a bald Barbie is as easy as finding a pair of scissors or giving a superhero tug on those flowing locks.
What I am finding most surprising is the backlash that this group as been met with, blogs are popping up all over poking fun and mocking something that is obviously close to the hearts of some young women with a caring heart and entrepreneurial spirit.
Most recently I read a blog about Ten Barbies Realer Then Bald Barbie and it spoke about how if Mattel were to create Barbie's that little girls can relate to then ones such as Welfare Barbie, Teen Pregnancy Barbie, Obese Barbie, Anorexic Barbie, ODC Barbie, Meth Head Barbie, Skankified Barbie, Disease and Afflicted Barbie, Elderly Barbie and Bitchy Barbie would be a better choice then Bald Barbie.
I hope that this blogger was trying her hand at comedy and wasn't serious because it would take someone with a cold heart to think of a child with cancer and still write something like that.
As I said, I don't think that there is a real need for this barbie to be created as many exist currently but what I do know is that it was hard enough for my son to lose his hair - a boy who for the majority of his life only had an inch at best so I could only imagine the feelings and emotions that a little girl would have.
In my opinion this really highlights a flaw in humanity, how people can look at a kind and genuine concept and turn it into something ugly and mean spirited.
I'm pretty sure that if these people took a visit to the paediatric oncology clinic they would perhaps think twice about the words that they write - or maybe they wouldn't and will continue to see the world only based on their own opinions and sense of whats valuable and important to only them and honestly I feel sorry for them.

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  1. People and their heartless commentary are driving me nuts lately. Indeed, stick them in front of a child with cancer and have them read their blogs and opinions and see how they feel about it then.