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Friday, 2 December 2011

We'll Just Call Him Bubble-Boy

We've been attacked! The germs have us held hostage again *sigh*
This past weekend my two aunts came to visit from up north, the last time that we were together was in the summer at my Grandpa's funeral. This was the longest time in between our visits and the boys were eager for their arrival. We decorated the tree and made plans for the nurse to come to the house as my Aunt still isn't recovered from the accident. Of all my children Max is the one that loves music and story time the best and since those are two of Aunt B's favorite things I thought for sure that the weekend would be enjoyable for him since there would be someone able to just sit, snuggle and read or sing but Max proved not to be in the mood.
My normally happy boy was a super huge crank! He cried, moped and complained the entire visit.
After my Aunts went home Max spiked a fever, and the vomiting started. Three days later the fever is still there and now its accompanied by a horrible cough and never ending runny nose. Today while grocery shopping Maxwell was given endless complements about what great manners he has and how smart he must be to be so savvy with his kleenex and knowledge to cough into his elbow at such a young age.
I smiled and agreed but secretly thought after hearing your mom yell COVER YOUR MOUTH a thousand times I think that any child would figure it out quite quickly.
This is the first year ever that there have been so many virus and illness, my guys are usually really healthy.
Its sort of a catch-22. We have to be cautious of germs, be extra vigilant with cleaning and hand washing etc and avoid exposure to known sources in order to keep Nick healthy but the more we do those things the more we are making ourselves open to infections by destroying our natural defences and in turn are then putting him in direct contact. I'm thinking that there is only one option, I'm going to have to look on Ebay for a bubble suit for Nick to wear.... yep, that seems to be the only logical option.

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