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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Mystery Diagnosis

Maxwell and I were released from the hospital this morning but the diagnostic part of this mystery isn't over yet, we now need to wait for an MRI appointment and for small intestine biopsies to come back from Buffalo.
On Tuesday Maxwell had an upper GI endoscopy done which was not a nice test.... he was strapped to a board and then contrast fluid was squirted down his throat while real time xray images were taken.
At one point there appeared to be a "blockage" which was slowly forced open by making him drink a bottle of apple juice. Once back in our room the doctor came in and told us that in his opinion Maxwell has one of two things.... duodenal web or annular pancreas (see descriptions below).
An endoscopy was scheduled for the following day and the duodenal web was ruled out but the doctor did note that his colon was "twistier then most at his age".
Since the web was ruled out he is now more confident in his theory that its annular pancreas and so the MRI needs to happen to confirm this.
The doctors and nurses were amazing and remembered me from nine months ago when Nick was diagnosed. I got the distinct feeling that they pushed the investigations further then they normally would based on "all our family has been through in the last year" (a comment that I heard multiple times there).
The nurses also voted me "most self sufficient parent" because I changed our own sheets, weighed Maxwell's diapers myself, tracked his weight daily and went to the cafe for milk, juice and jello instead of calling for them. In all honesty the nurses have enough to do without me having them do things that I am more then capable of doing myself.
By the end of our stay Max would push the green button to turn on the blood pressure machine and willingly lift his shirt when he saw them reach for their stethoscope.
He was the "boyfriend" to multiple nurses and his superhero pj's were the envy of many - my boy is a charmer.
This time in the hospital (like always) has given me ample opportunity to think and prioritise and some changes have been made to my plans for the immediate future.
As much as I hate hearing it everything does happen for a reason and what is meant to be will be...... regardless of what plans I had in mind for 2012 my focus needs to be on health and inner peace  for myself and my family
Bring on Twenty Twelve.... We are ready!

Duodenal web

A duodenal web, diaphragm or intraluminal diverticulum refers to a complete or incomplete obstruction at the duodenum due to a membranous web.
Although they are frequently congenital and occur in the paediatric population, some can can present in adults and may also be acquired.
Annular pancreas

Annular pancreas is a rare condition (1 out of 12,000 to 15,000) in which the second part of the duodenum is surrounded by a ring of pancreatic tissue continuous with the head of the pancreas. This portion of the pancreas can constrict the duodenum and block or impair the flow of food to the rest of the intestines.

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