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Friday, 14 March 2014

Let's Get This Party Started

The time has come, I called in my "Day 1" and went in for my appointment.
Bloodwork and ultrasound showed that I have an ovarian cyst (big surprise!) and my hormones are a little elevated so I have to hold off on starting the estrogen medication for the moment.
I counted out all my syringes to make sure that I had enough to cover two weeks and I got the prescriptions to fill. Next check up is in four days. If the cycle is successful then I will need to stay on the shots until the second trimester which is the 13th week. The blood thinner isn't a painful needle, its small and gets injected into the fatty spots on the stomach; the progesterone is another story, its a big intermuscular shot that I give myself in the thigh. After a few days it feels like I've been running for miles and I get these cramps from the muscles spasming. I need to apply heat and massage the spots so that I don't get tiny lumps from the medication pooling in the muscle. Its rather unpleasant but those shots help support a pregnancy so they are extremely important. 
Today I also donated my unused (and unneeded) stimulation medication to the clinic, it will be given for free to a woman who needs it. There's no sense in me holding on to it and letting it expire. That's a lot of money to just go to waste. Hopefully it will help a woman become a mom.
Now my project for the next few days is to cut back on the caffeine and increase my water intake, I really dislike good ol' h2o so its a bit of a struggle but I know that water is the best thing to help the body function properly so its a small price to pay for good health.


  1. So glad I checked in on you! I had no idea you were cycling again. Congrats. I am over the moon happy for you and I hope that this cycle brings you great success. May you be blessed with grace and ease and have everything fall into place.

  2. Thanks! I'm cautiously hopeful :)