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Friday, 28 February 2014

Two Week Check Up

Maxwell has been given the all clear from cardiology and not only do we not have to see them for NINE months but Max got to return to school today - less than three weeks after surgery!
Physically he is doing fantastic, there are no leaks in the patch and no fluid build up around his heart and he has gained two pounds in two weeks which is a massive change from the year that it took to gain three pounds in preparation for surgery. Emotionally he is having a bit of trouble, he is clingy and quick to cry about things. He is a bit nervous about being away from Mommy and we (along with the Dr's) were concerned about how much worse this would get if he were home for the full 12 weeks (followed by summer break) so with a few precautions in place back to JK he went.
Max was very happy to go back to class today and he was so excited to see his friends. He is certainly tired after a full day away but its nice to be back to normal.

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