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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Becoming A Skilled Sailor

On Tuesday Maxwell had a catheterization procedure to try and close the atrial septal defect in his heart. We arrived at Sick Kids Hospital before 7am and got checked in, our nurses were fantastic, we couldn't have asked for better.
I went into the OR with Maxwell until he was sedated and then I went to wait with my family. The room had been booked for 2 hours so when we saw the doctor come out after only one hour we were surprised. Once inside Maxwell's heart they realized that the hole was much larger then they expected... "gargantuan" was the term used and there was no way that it could be repaired without opening his chest. Maxwell also had some bleeding problems at the incision sites which caused them to have to give him extra sedation while they got it under control. The pressure that they had to apply has also caused some dandy bruising.... good thing Maxwell likes the smurfs because he looks like one from the waist down (where they accessed his arteries) .
I will be talking with the booking clerk on Tuesday after their surgical planning meeting and a date for the next surgery will be scheduled, they want it done soon given the new size findings so there shouldnt be much of a wait.
Originally Max was only supposed to be home recovering for 5 days however he will now be home much longer to avoid germ exposure as even a slight cold would delay his surgery. He will then be home 8-12 weeks post surgery. His teachers are fantastic and are sending home work and well wishes. Maxwell certainly has a lot of supporters cheering him on, he's a pretty lucky guy.   

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