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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Letter To Santa

Dear Santa;

I would like to start out this letter by saying that I think since last Christmas I have been very good, I have done my very best to tame my road rage, control my frequent eye rolling when I hear something dumb and at the very least try to mask my amusement when one of my children repeats a less then polite word that I have said. I have apologized when my husband has pulled one of my long hairs from his throat during mealtime despite wanting to tell him that his his fault for giving me "the look" whenever I mention getting that sleek short bob cut that I love on a celebrity that I cannot stand (*cough cough Jenny McCarthy*).
I have avoided the urge to drop to the ground and openly weep every time a sleepy child lets me know that they have again had "an accident" in bed and I have developed a gentle "try harder from now on" look whenever my teenager brings me dishes from his room that are furrier then our pets.
I know that I am far from perfect, there are still many things that I need to work on - I need to work on not telling rude strangers that the correct response to Thank you is You're Welcome and I need to try to stop wearing my dirty hot pink Crocs out in public (that last one is soooo hard but the fact that there is a hole in the bottom should make it easier).
Thank you for your Video Email to the boys, Maxwell now reminds me that he needs to try harder to eat as he is spitting his food back onto his plate and Kurt asks me multiple times a day what kind of sculptures your elves are able to make out of ice. Riddick likes to watch the live cam that shows your reindeer eating and rolling in the dirt at the north pole.... perhaps you could put a tab on your page that would tell parents how to explain to their children why there is no snow at the north pole.
My list this year is pretty simple, have Nick remain in remission, let Maxwell sail through his open heart surgery without any complications, continue to have Kurt and Riddick thrive in school and help me to not have a nervous breakdown come September when ALL of my children are in school full time. Its still nine months away and I already get sad about it sometimes.  Oh and a new hair straightener because my hair is a hot mess most days.
I will apologize again for you not being allowed access to our house but Kurt is afraid of you wandering around while we are sleeping, don't take it personally I'm sure that the tooth fairy and Easter bunny have mentioned that the same rule applies to them as well. As a thank you for your cooperation we will be leaving you an extra large plate of treats at my mothers house, I'm sure that you will enjoy a sampling of the calorie laden desserts that have peaked my interest while wasting too much time on Pinterest.
Thanks again for all of your magic and the warm and fuzzy feeling that you bring.... I certainly missed it last year, so far this year is much better.

Love always;

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