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Thursday, 23 February 2012

A Good Week

This week has been a pretty good one and I wanted to share.
Upon learning of Maxwell's lactase deficiency we immediately cut out all lactose and within three days we saw something amazing. The child that has never slept through the night started snoozing a solid 8 hours, the daytime fatigue disappeared, his constant thirst vanished and his appetite increased ten fold - the boy now eats CONSTANTLY and the scale is showing it. His GI symptoms have drastically improved and he is now stringing words, singing, being social and perfecting his "booty shake" and "sprinkler" dances (and dancing is something that he would never ever do).
I cant tell you where the improvement comes from and why he seems to have made a huge developmental leap, I doubt that there is any medical correlation so the most logical idea that comes to mind is that without constant stomach aches, gas, diarrhea and vomiting he is feeling better in general which is making things better in all areas.
I have been trying my hand at baking and my bread is pretty good, so are the dairy free smores cupcakes, corn bread and banana fritters and who knew that making pancakes from scratch was almost as easy as making the instant kind. I'm certainly not morphing into the hippie dippy type but I have to admit that I like knowing exactly what my family is eating and how it was prepared.
Today we went out for lunch for the first time since Max's diagnosis and while I felt a bit silly asking the waitress questions like "do you use butter when you poach eggs" I realised that eating out is not something that we have to avoid completely.
Today I also had a meeting with the head behavioural therapist about Riddick. I was prepared for the usual statements that all parents of children with behavioural issues are reminded of "positive reinforcement", "reward systems", "distraction" and "loss of privileges". I knew what I would be told as I've heard it all before (and use all these methods) so color me surprised when the therapist said I never say that we have to work on the child instead of their environment but in this case thats exactly what I'm saying.
We discussed having a more detailed assessment done which focuses more on observing him then getting him to "perform" so that there wont be so much "non-compliance" listed. Riddick is being bumped to the top of the list for a kids club that uses ABA techniques and he will be assigned a therapist to work with the school - the great part is that they want a rush put on this so that the therapist can attend the IPRC meeting and advocate with me about the change in school for Riddick so that he will be able to use the 8 hours per day to focus on life skills instead of learning about things such as strong and stable structures or script writing which is way above his comprehension.
Lots has been accomplished and I am feeling really good, in control and motivated to continue striving for the positive.

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