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Sunday, 26 February 2012

From Cancer Patient to Future Dad With A Little Bit Of Help

After Nick was diagnosed with cancer my mind went to many different places, to say that my thoughts were momentarily scattered would be an understatement.
I was of course terrified of the treatments and the pain that he would be in, I was terrified that he wouldn't beat the cancer, I was terrified that if he did it would come back and I was also terrified that if he achieved remission and became cancer free that the "late term effects" of the treatment would effect his life negatively.
Within 48 hours of Nick being diagnosed I was again sitting in my fertility clinic office but this time it was for Nick.
I have been with this clinic for 12 years now and to say that they have been more supportive then words could express. When I told them what was going on everyone shed some tears and my physician was quick to jump into action.
The plan was made, if Nick agreed a sample of his sperm would be frozen so that he would have the opportunity to have a biological child when he is older.
What a hard conversation to have with my teenager, not only do you have cancer but you wont be able to have children in the future unless I now thrust you into this uncomfortable adult world of infertility treatments.
Having dealt with infertility for most of my life its something that I didn't want my child to deal with but sometimes life hands you lemons and you must make lemonade.
The lemonade in our home is overflowing and I smile when I think about it.
The fact is that in Ontario the government only partially covers these expensive fertility treatments if the woman has bilaterally blocked Fallopian tubes. What this means is that in addition to beating cancer and coping with all of its lasting effects when Nick finally meets the girl of his dreams and is ready to start a family they will likely be looking at spending thousands of dollars to make that happen.
Sadly, having cancer at 15 has effected the rest of his entire life and ultimately the life of a future girl that will want to create a family with him.
Below is a petition to fight for the rights of men suffering from male factor infertility in Ontario.... one of these men is my son.

Please take 2 minutes of your time to sign the petition.

Years from now when I post a picture of Nick holding a baby with the same dark hair and eyes that he has you'll know that you were a part of him becoming a Dad without the financial burden that infertility treatments cause.
A few clicks of your keyboard keys can change his future and the futures of many men who want to change their titles from Cancer Patient to Dad!

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