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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Renovations For Uniqueness

I've said it many times but my family is a unique bunch and while I do my best to plan accordingly certain things change the plans that I have made.
We bought our home 4 years ago based solely on its location, its around the corner from my parents in a desirable part of the city and its close to the boys developmental pediatrician and autism services.
When we moved in we didnt expect our family to grow based on all of our previous failures, we also didnt expect our son to get cancer. The home at the time fit us with 3+1 bedrooms but now we are busting at the seams.
Kurt and Riddick can no longer share a room, they have a difficult enough time transitioning at bedtime even when they are alone but together its impossible... its either world war 3 or party time in their room each night and 99% of the time someone ends up being sent to the couch by a tired and cranky mom.
Nick had to move up from the basement to the main floor to get away from the draft, dust and to be within ear shot should he need something. He moved into Maxwell's room and now Dom and I have a toddler for a roommate. He still has 9 weeks of treatment and six months with a compromised immune system so he couldn't move back to his old room anytime soon even if he wanted to. With the risk of relapse I would also rather him be in a different room so that he wont have to move again if (God Forbid) the cancer should return.
We discussed the fact that Kurt and Riddick will potentially live at home their entire lives, Nick needs a room above ground and Maxwell will be home for years as he's only just become a toddler - there is no choice we must do some renovations.
I'm now attempting to make some financial plans in an effort to add a second addition to our home, it wont be easy, it will be chaotic and crazy and I am sure that many times I will question my sanity but in the end when my family is in a safe, comfortable, stable home that is built to suit all of our unique needs it will make all of the insanity worth it.
Keep your fingers crossed that I can pull this off.... I've dealt with a lot of stuff but this is gonna be tricky!

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