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Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Overwhelming Fat Fight

The medical term for Nick's newest condition is called Cancer Induced Anorexia but whatever the term its hard to manage.
Last week we discovered that Nick had lost 15 pounds over a two week period. We tried for 6 days to put on some weight using meal replacement shakes but we didnt have any luck so Nick now takes a medication that is designed to increase his appetite. We were told that this medication for some people works well and for others not at all, it could also take 7-10 days to begin to work. If Nick continues to lose weight then we may not have that long before needing to move on to a more drastic intervention - a feeding tube.
When first approached about the possibility Nick was admanent that he did not want one but yesterday after only being able to injest two mouthfuls of a blizzard he asked that I call the doctor and make the arrangements.
One would think that gaining weight would be easy, If I even smell that wonderful fried chicken KFC scent my thighs each grow two inches but for someone with cancer its not that easy.
Most often Nick doesn't feel hungry and during a rare moment that he does if he doesn't eat right that minute then the moments passed. The time that it takes me to make a sandwich or heat up some soup often results in a missed opportunity to consume some calories. His body also doesn't seem to want to digest any fats, if he attempts to eat any meat, fried, heavily sauced, or overly rich foods he is slammed with gastrointestinal upset and vomiting.  Internal organs use calories as fuel to function and because Nick's are already compromised from the tumors he is at greater risk of them shutting down. To ensure that they stay aware of whats going on inside of him, Nick now gets a weekly chemistry blood work up in addition to his regular level check. It seems like one thing after another but we are getting through - my family is a force to be reckoned with and has a take no prisoners attitude - cancer has overstayed and now needs to take a hike!

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