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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

He Found His Inner Ninja

I am exhausted! Today was mighty long but it was wonderful.
Thanks to the Children's Wish Foundation Nick was presented with the opportunity to have some fun and do something nice for himself after a couple of rough years.
I remember back to his birthday right after his diagnosis when he changed his mind about getting the shoes that he wanted because the only place that he would be frequenting was the hospital - it broke my heart, but today the boy is sporting some fresh kicks and he's got more then just one pair.
Today he took a shopping trip to Mapleview Centre in Burlington and it was a great day.
The staff were beyond friendly especially AnnaLisa at Foot Locker, Hannah at Turtle Jacks and Cody at Lids. The mall smelled of popcorn from Kernels and its almost like the music was a soundtrack specifically for Nick (which it obviously wasn't lol) - I think in almost every store that we went to Classified's new song "Inner Ninja" was playing which I thought was quite fitting as it's reminded me of Nick since I first heard it.
We were treated to lunch at Turtle Jacks and it was great to see Nick smiling and eating and so relaxed, its been a long time and it really warmed my heart.
One of the things that Nick likes from that restaurant is Deep Fried Pickles (which are actually very tasty)
Being a team player today Dom even had one (close your mouth I know its shocking) anyone that knows Dom in real life knows that he's no foodie and his meal of choice is (say it with me now) a bacon cheeseburger and fries - I was glad that he tried it, tried something that Nick likes, the start of some commonalities.
We shopped for hours and Nick now has more clothes then the Kardashian sisters combined and he isn't done yet. There will be more shopping in his future as even with financial freedom he looked for the best bargains (except for in Swarovski.... he takes after his Mama lol)
I'll admit it there was a moment over lunch, a fleeting moment where I was sad. I was sad that my child had to experience so much to have this day. That not that long ago we were buying hats to cover a bald head instead of buying them for style. The moment passed quickly and the retail therapy was back underway, I think that today I saw Nick smile more then I have in the last 2 years combined.
Mission accomplished Children's wish and Mapleview... Mission accomplished! 

Click here to hear "Inner Ninja" (with lyrics written) - Its not a song meant for beating cancer but it certainly makes me think of Nick when I hear it!

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